Americhip: Opal Wealth Advisors Video Introduction Kit


Opal Wealth Advisors Video Introduction Kit

Opal Wealth Advisors Video Introduction Kit

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When you are starting up a new firm targeting sophisticated investors and corporations, how do you create an introductory mailer kit that is both compelling and impressive enough to generate the opportunities you are seeking?


Opal Wealth Advisors saw Americhip’s patented Video in Print technology as the perfect medium to deliver its introductory message to key prospects in the financial industry.  Our paper engineers designed a handsome hinged-lid paper box which held a welcoming gift and collateral materials.  When consumers open the box our 7” video screen is revealed and begins playing a video highlighting the firm’s management team, its investment strategies and its unique positon in the market.

When you need to make a splash introducing your new firm or product, partner with Americhip to create an innovative custom package to wow your audience. Americhip’s Video Packaging gets you that first meeting…the rest is up to you!

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