Americhip: Today’s Kitchen Patented 4.3” Video Micro Shelf Talker


Today’s Kitchen Patented 4.3” Video Micro Shelf Talker

Today’s Kitchen Patented 4.3” Video Micro Shelf Talker

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When you're launching your new line in the busy supermarket aisle, how can you stand out against larger more recognizable brands?


As a new brand in the challenging food marketplace, Today’s Kitchen needed a powerful on-shelf message but didn’t have a huge budget or large footprint to work with.  Americhip’s patented Video Micro Shelf Talker was the perfect solution.  Through two alternating videos, shoppers learned how to prepare two delicious entrees that can be ready in less than 20 minutes.   Our molded video unit is highlighted by our 4.3” video screen so the client’s digital recipes dominate the communication on shelf.  The rugged housing runs just 6” wide which allowed the client to slot it in within its small footprint and still provide some key brand messaging around the video screen.

Make sure your shoppers are fully educated about your new product launch by using our on-shelf Video Micro Shelf Talkers.

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