Americhip: Cortina Collection 2828 Deluxe Video Package


Cortina Collection 2828 Deluxe Video Package

Cortina Collection 2828 Deluxe Video Package

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With busy partners, resellers and distributors, how can you ensure your brand stays top of mind and demands the focus of your partners and retailers?


Design a dramatic and sophisticated product package that demands attention and delivers results.  Americhip worked with Cortina, a leader in the dermatological world, to design and produce a spectacular diamond-shaped video package to announce the release of its upcoming collection and invite distributors and retailers to an industrywide live event.  The stylish turned-edge box opens to reveal our elegant 7” Video Screen playing a majestic clip of snow-covered mountains and announcing the upcoming 2828 collection.  The dramatic reveal continues as three products are held in custom wells in the top layer.  Built in ribbon pulls remove the top layer to reveal two additional product samples housed in the base layer.  The stunning box brilliantly announced the launch of the new collection and generated significant interest and event traffic among Cortina’s resellers and retailers.

Be sure your booth is always busy at your next industry event by partnering with Americhip on a deluxe specialty package announcement kit. Your audience will reward you for it.

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