Americhip: MetLife Patented 7" Video Brochure


MetLife Patented 7" Video Brochure

MetLife Patented 7" Video Brochure

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How can a services company with a complex offering like insurance or financial products continue to break through with new customers and grow its business in today’s challenging environment?


When gaining face to face access with your potential clients is restricted, tell your story in a compelling and engaging way using our Patented Video Brochures.  Americhip partnered with MetLife to design and produce a striking 7” Video Brochure with two high energy video stories that outline all the ways it can help employers and employees meet their insurance and benefits needs.  The first video includes live video and animation that highlights all of MetLife’s offerings.  Then, to flip the perspective, the second video focuses on testimonials from employees whose companies switched to MetLife. These folks share honest and persuasive assessments of how it made these important choices easier and more rewarding.

Make sure your company’s products and services aren’t being ignored due to a lack of face to face presentations.  Grow your business by sharing a compelling marketing message with key clients and prospects through an innovative Video Marketing Brochure from Americhip.

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