Americhip: Alka-Seltzer's Audio + Pop-Up Deluxe Package


Alka-Seltzer's Audio + Pop-Up Deluxe Package


Alka-Seltzer's Audio + Pop-Up Deluxe Package

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When you have a well established brand that gets pigeonholed into the same small demographic, how can you smash the paradigm and reposition your brand?


Partner with Americhip to create a “never before seen or heard” packaging spectacular that clearly differentiates your past positioning with where the brand is now headed.  Bayer owns the nearly 100 year old Alka-Seltzer brand and wanted to communicate with a new audience about the hangover relief offered by the fizzy tablets.  Working with the agency, Americhip designed and manufactured a campaign built around the classic theme of “this is not your father’s product anymore” by putting the brand’s new spokesman, rapper T-Pain, front and center.  Starting with a stylish turned edge package with large copy quoting T-Pain’s song “Blame it on the Alcohol”, the box opens to reveal a hilariously over the top 3D pop up of the rapper spinning on a dance floor while 30 seconds of a custom rap version of “plop, plop, fizz, fizz/ oh what a relief it is” blasts from our custom speakers.  The dance floor can then be elevated to reveal custom wells underneath holding product samples and a loyalty card for the influencer.  It’s safe to say the 100 year old brand has never been marketed quite like this before.

When you need to make a splash (or a plop, plop) partner with Americhip on a deluxe Multisensory Package that breaks through the clutter and delivers a marketing punch.

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