Americhip: Intel Lighted Launch Kit


Intel Lighted Launch Kit

Intel Lighted Launch Kit

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How can you best motivate your influencers and other key social media followers to generate momentum behind a new product launch?


Partner with Americhip to create a fun and funky new launch kit that will excite and energize your online base.  We worked with Intel and its agency on a new processor launch to create an oversized swag box decked out with bright LED lighting to highlight the impact of the unveiling.  Leading influencers around the globe opened the impressive specialty package with three separate compartments to find a custom bunny suit (don’t ask, just enjoy!) a hoodie, a trucker cap and marketing materials.  But the most impressive element of the kit is a custom Bobble Head created in the likeness of each influencer.  The kit made a huge impact with unveiling videos all over the internet showing influencers fully decked out in their bunny suits and caps proudly brandishing their custom mini me bobble head.  The lighted launch kit and specialty swag generated huge buzz and enthusiasm for the new Intel launch.

When you need to speak directly to your influencers and customers be sure to partner with Americhip to create an innovative new launch kit complete with clever branded merchandise.  The possibilities are endless and the results guaranteed.

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