Americhip: Taylor Healthcare Patented Video Brochure


Taylor Healthcare Patented Video Brochure

Taylor Healthcare Patented Video Brochure

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In today's busy marketplace, how do you communicate important upgrades in your products and services to key customers and prospects without being lost in the tidal wave of digital and print marketing?


Make sure your message stands out by combining digital and print with Americhip’s Patented Video Brochures.  Taylor Healthcare was founded more than 100 years ago and needed an innovative Video Brochure to highlight its recently upgraded product and service offering.  The thin 9” x 12” brochure appears at first glance to be a standard mailer, but once opened our patented VIP screen begins playing to grab attention and deliver a compelling corporate message.

Make sure you're leveraging the most innovative marketing technology via Americhip’s Video Brochures to ensure your message breaks through the clutter and delivers a powerful punch.

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