Americhip: Hyundai Video Conquest Mailer


Hyundai Video Conquest Mailer

Hyundai Video Conquest Mailer

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When you have a really impressive new product, how do you get word out to prospective buyers?


Hyundai’s new NEXO model was the next generation of hydrogen vehicles and the only fuel cell SUV on the market.  To generate demand among potential buyers, Hyundai and its agency partnered with Americhip to produce a sleek Video Brochure including our 4.3” VIP screen.   The video mailer was impeccably designed with every detail carefully thought through.  The piece delivers in a high gloss white shipper with just the model name printed on it.  The cover of the Video Brochure reveals a tight shot of the front of the automobile.  When opened, the consumer is treated to an informative video highlighting key features related to design, safety and the hydrogen fuel cell.  A perfect innovative marketing piece to match the campaigns’ tagline:  A future where you really can have it all.

When you’re looking to wow and educate your potential buyers, partner with Americhip to create a one of a kind Video Conquest Mailer.

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