Americhip: Bacardi E Ink Shelf Blade


Bacardi E Ink Shelf Blade

Bacardi E Ink Shelf Blade

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When you have a broad line-up with numerous flavors and brands, how can you grab the attention of busy shoppers to ensure they know about your latest unique offering?


Work with Americhip to develop an innovative E Ink Shelf Display that grabs attention in aisle and communicates important branding messages.  Americhip partnered with Bacardi and its agency to develop an innovative shelf-edge display deploying our proprietary E Ink technology to market its Spiced Rum brand.  The 14” L x 3.5” H Blade flashes multiple messages encouraging shoppers to “Make it Spiced”.  Americhip’s engineers designed the E Ink panel to flash multiple messages, unique designs and solid colors to grab attention and then educate shoppers about the new brand.  And, given the lower power drain of our E Ink technology, the Blade with embedded small batteries will flash for up to 12 months without any remote battery packs or cables.

Impress and educate your shoppers with an innovative E Ink Blade from Americhip.

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