Americhip: Del Monte LED Glowing Blade


Del Monte LED Glowing Blade


Del Monte LED Glowing Blade

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Del Monte needed a way to spice up the instore marketing around its 100 year old Contadina brand.


Americhip partnered with Del Monte to design and manufacture a sleek shelf edge unit that literally lit up the store aisle.  Initially hidden from view, the sizzling lasagna sitting in the skillet suddenly illuminates in a warm glow every time a consumer walks by reminding them just how tasty this home cooked meal can be. These lighted shelf units have super thin profiles, can trigger with motion sensors or push buttons and don't need bulky battery packs. Put our LED lighting technology to work to surprise and engage shoppers right in the store aisle.  Get your consumers to stop and shop with Americhip’s lighted shelf-edge technologies.

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