Americhip: Seagen Pharma’s Patented Video Training Manual


Seagen Pharma’s Patented Video Training Manual

Seagen Pharma’s Patented Video Training Manual

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When your product outperforms the competition, how can you ensure busy HCPs and other channel partners take the time to get fully educated on important testing data?


Develop a compelling Video Training Manual that highlights critical test results and other important data.  Americhip partnered with Seagen Pharma to develop an impressive Video Brochure that contains extensive testing data and technical information that effectively communicates to physicians why the new product outperforms the existing treatment methods.  In addition to all of the data and test information shared on the large brochure (9” x 11”), recipients were able to watch a 5 minute video where a leading expert in the field highlights key test results and explains how the new product can elevate current treatment plans.  As a final element of this superb communication device, we included a QR code that recipients can scan to gain further information beyond that shared in the video file.

When you need to impress key decision makers in your marketplace, partner with Americhip to create an innovative Video Training Manual that highlights your key product features and supporting data.

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