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Goodyear VR Viewer

Goodyear VR Viewer

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Goodyear was launching its new Wrangler Ultraterrain AT Tires and needed innovative branded merchandise to support the launch at industry shows and through direct mail to its retailers.


Put the consumer right into the offroad experience these new tires were intended to perform in.  Americhip partnered with Goodyear to produce a fully branded, slick VR Viewer including a touch trigger to cycle through multiple videos that gave consumers the perfect tool to engage in the 3D experiential content created just for this release.  Consumers simply placed their phones into the viewer’s cradle, and then were able to experience the full adrenaline rush of an offroad, 4-wheel VR adventure.

Don’t settle for a boring coffee mug or another baseball hat.  Give your consumers, partners and employees an innovative VR Viewer to let them experience your product in its most engaging and experiential atmosphere.

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