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Baume & Mercier Video Book

Baume & Mercier Video Book

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Baume & Mercier has created beautiful time pieces since the 1920s. With the SIHH in Geneva looming, Baume & Mercier wanted to present something unique and innovative that would draw attention to its brand. With the media present and judging each company, the challenge for high end luxury brands is to find a marketing tool worthy of their high-end products.


Americhip and Baume & Mercier developed an interactive video book for key journalists attending the show. True to the brand’s dedication to luxury and sophistication, the multi-page album was made with the highest quality paper. The cover of the album states “Life is about moments”. Upon opening the album, journalists are greeted by Americhip’s patented 2.4” LCD screen with two chapter buttons. The first video draws on the theme of memories as Baume & Mercier subtly displays its watches in moving and memorable life moments. The second chapter button was purposely left free of content and allows journalists the opportunity to upload their own personal videos, creating the world’s first customizable video book.

Signs of Success:

Several journalists let Baume & Mercier representatives know that the video book was the most innovative, relevant and personal media product they had ever received. It was a success because it created an emotional gift giving experience. Baume & Mercier was not simply pushing their content and information onto journalists, but rather making a statement about what the company and the brand have stood for nearly 100 years.

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