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Recent Work

video book

Tourism Victoria Video Book

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video book

Maersk Triple E Video Book

Video in Print Provides a Closer Look at World’s Biggest Ship

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dimensional insert

ABC - No Ordinary Family Exploding Map

Here’s how it works. For a new Fall show to succeed, the network has to build and sustain interest as rapidly as possible in the pre-launch weeks. Given the competition from other networks, and the fact that about 50 new shows launch at the same time, the pressure is on ABC to pull out all the stops - vying for the attention of families in the saturated magazine marketplace.

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point of sale

Acuron Talking Weed Point of Sale Display

It’s a great attention-getting Instore Display that helps farmers and other agricultural consumers learn more about Acuron herbicide. Who says that fighting weeds can’t be fun and funny? With Americhip’s team of creative and tech experts, anything is possible.


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