Americhip: BioCryst HCP Dimensional Mailer


BioCryst HCP Dimensional Mailer

BioCryst HCP Dimensional Mailer

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With technology overcomplicating nearly every facet of business interactions, how can an innovative brand simplify its outreach and deliver a unique message that breaks through and resonates with the target audience?


Design a Multisensory solution that engages with recipients on an emotional level and delivers a more impactful message.  BioCryst had launched its new Orladeyo product to treat HAE.  Americhip partnered with BioCryst and its ad agency to design and manufacture a mailer deploying our telescoping technology.  HCPs receive the sleek mailer with a simple message on the cover: “Preventing HAE attacks doesn’t need to be complicated.”  By simply sliding out the telescoping panel, recipients see the new pill encased in a clear protective tube and then read the key medical breakthrough it represents as the only oral therapy approved to treat HAE.  To ensure HCPs have the opportunity to learn more, we inserted on the back of the telescoping panel a business card for that clinic’s BioCryst Rep.  This integrated marketing mailer performs seamlessly and simply to deliver important product and efficacy data.

Partner with Americhip to create a Multisensory dimensional mailer that engages and educates your core audience.  

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