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Our mission and focus is to utilize technologies to create unique sensory experiences that engage, evolve, and inspire delightful interactions.

We invent clever and effective ways for you to initiate emotional connections with your target audience. Through focused, intelligent, and well planned campaigns, Americhip products are all about engaging customers, influencing purchasing decisions, and elevating brand recall. Americhip helps you make emotional connections on a sensory level, bonding your brand to your target's subconscious in an entirely new way.

You have a story to tell and here are a few of our technologies that work for you:

Video in Print

Video in Print technology blurs the line between digital and print media by bringing consumers paper-thin, high quality video in print. Video in Print can play multiple full-length videos or present video clips broken into chapters with playback and volume controls. The various systems are fully rechargeable, re-usable, and recyclable. Video in Print is ideal for magazine inserts, print collateral, direct mail, education and training materials, packaging, shopper marketing, media kits, and promotions. Anywhere you need to tell your brand story – the only limits are your imagination.

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Mobile in Print

We understand that continuing to adapt is not only smart, but essential for continued success.  Continuing to adapt and innovate is part of our DNA.  As we are always looking for different technologies to integrate into our solutions, mobile connectivity was a logical and necessary realm to enter.

Mobile in Print is our new and exciting technology that combines print media with mobile connectivity allowing for calls or texts to be sent directly from the printed page. Now, brochures, corporate communications, and direct mailers can now have an immediate call to action that can instantly connect brands and consumers.

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VIP Live

VIP Live connects your marketing and communications pieces to the internet, allowing for unique products like our Twitter in Print & Microsoft Wi-Fi Hotspot in Forbes Magazine. These connected devices also provide full data tracking and live analytics.

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Video Slates

A revolutionary new communication device that influences, persuades and educates at critical points of contact. 

Perfect for Every Communication Need: In- Office Communication Tool, Communicate with your Customer Anywhere, Corporate Training, Equipment Installation & Maintenance, and more.

Better than a traditional tablet: Single purpose - no surfing, tweeting, googling. Customized with your video content. Fully branded with customized graphics. Low risk of theft.

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Americhip was the first to put audio into print and we've been leading the way ever since. We insert our patented audio technology into unique magazine inserts, direct mail, point of purchase displays, and cards. Always experimenting and innovating, our sound engineers create unforgettable audio experiences that captivate and engage the moment customers open them, move past them, or activate them. From single-note melodies to fully orchestrated musical arrangements, we deliver just what you and your clients want to hear: audio marketing solutions that increase brand awareness.

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Have you seen people react when a magazine insert or direct mail piece lights up in their hands? The unexpected element of light in paper has the power to delight your audience and elevate your message. Americhip's range of light options gives you the ability to call attention to your messages with simple and subtle LEDs, or to make bold statements with a light show. Combine light with sound, webkeys, or dimensional elements to create an experience that truly shines.

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Dimensional & Paper Engineered

Americhip's team of internationally-recognized paper engineers are ready to create intricate and imaginative dimensional solutions that leap from the page. From a creative standpoint, our paper technologies are awe-inspiring and truly innovative. We offer solutions that range from classic, ready-to-go pop-ups to complex and elaborate custom designs that give your advertising unexpected originality. They grab attention and keep it, ensuring your message reaches your audience. Pop ups, Flippits, Scrolling Picture Changers are just a few examples of the magic our team of engineers creates. We're always developing custom solutions for global brands - let's add movement to your marketing materials and watch your brand recall numbers grow.

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Tradtional print advertising has a problem – familiarity. Involvement and emotional interaction are key to getting your message across. Tactile materials are a unique and cost-effective way to call attention to your advertisement while also involving the reader. We have integrated various textures, fabrics, products, and materials to convey messages and illustrate qualities of products. We've shown carbonation with bubble wrap, the movement of a dancer's skirt with fringe, and the silky texture of Kleenex with Kleenex itself. We use tactile elements to convey dimension, friction, motion, softness, roughness, fluidity – you name it and we'll make your audience feel it.

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Webkeys are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a unique application to increase site traffic, introduce new products or services, or educate customers in an interactive and in-depth way. Plug the webkey into any computer and the user will be instantly directed to the webpage of your choosing. Combined with the ability to track and review live analytics and data, webkeys give you the ability to better manage customer relationships, increase sales, and generate leads. Customize the casing of the webkey with a unique paper design or plastic substrate - or embed the webkey into any number of our dimensional solutions. Program the webkey with the URL of your website or personalize each URL to provide a customized interface for each recipient.

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Let's work together to create something amazing.

Americhip's mission is to deliver solutions that engage audiences on a more intimate level. We design, develop, & manufacture innovative communications tools to empower global brands and agencies.
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