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ROI Data

Research shows that Americhip ads can deliver 100% Stopping Power, 100% Brand Recall and 100% Consumer Interaction. Only when you lead in technology can you deliver numbers like this. It's that simple. You can be confident that when Americhip says we offer maximum impact and unprecedented results it's not simply lip service.

Starch Data Report

The Value of Multisensory Magazine Inserts

Starch Letter - The Impact of Multisensory Magazine Inserts

Return on Objective

Audio results that top the charts

Americhip worked with Kaplan Thaler to produce an audio insert for Procter & Gamble's Clairol Herbal Essences. When opened, the insert sang the conditioner's new ingredient, Hawafena, to the tune of the Hallelujah Chorus. The results were anything but ordinary.

"In the many years of looking at print advertising readership scores, no one currently working for Starch can remember ever seeing an ad that earned the 100% level for any three of the Starch measures. We believe that [this] is the highest scoring ad that we have studied in the past 30 years, at least." – Philip W. Sawyer, Senior Vice President, Starch Communications, GfK NOP


Interactivity that has consumers thirsty for more

To launch its new drink Diet Pepsi Jazz, Pepsi and its ad agency OMD wanted an extraordinary print experience. Subscribers to People Magazine opened their October 16th issues and like the first twist of a new soda bottle: Fssst! They were in for a completely fresh sensory experience. Americhip had done it again. Who else could successfully match a sound to a soft drink? And show dimension by way of a super pop-up presentation? And add scent to incorporate cola buyers' sense of smell? And make sure it all worked as it should when the magazine was opened? We put the magic of multisensorizing to work in full force. After letting consumers see, hear and smell the new cola, this ad led them right to store aisles. They had to taste it.


The "Starch*" data proves it:

"The performance of the insert, as revealed by these scores, is exceptional. The Jazz insert aptly demonstrates both the vast array of possibilities in the print medium and the power of print when an ad is so thoughtfully and creatively executed." - Philip W. Sawyer, Senior Vice President, Starch Communications, GfK NOP 


Performance that pops

How do you show carbonation in print? Americhip introduced Aquafina's new line of sparkling water by adding bubble wrap to the bottles in the magazine inserts. Research showed that 50% of readers were so attracted by the bubbles that they popped them in the magazine. That's consumer interaction!

The ad ranked #1 in both 'Noted Score' and 'Associated Score.'
"As a direct result of seeing the Aquafina Bubble insert, more than 3/4 of readers reported their interest in the Aquafina product had increased." – Deirdre Celestino, Research Manager, Starch Communications, GfK NOP

These are just some of the outstanding results Americhip has achieved for its clients. 

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