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Research & Development

Americhip is synonymous with the discovery, development and integration of technology.  

Americhip’s solutions are the result of our skilled research & development team - a unique combination of industrial designers, video and audio experts, electronic engineers, and software developers. We focus on inventing and producing unique combinations of materials, technologies, and creativity -- designed to deliver more engaging marketing and communications tools.


We develop next-generation products to heighten the sensory experience.

We make printed brochures that talk, magazine pages that light up, and integrate video into any form factor you desire. We live to engineer excitement into otherwise static advertisements and communications platforms for the world's most influential brands.

Our newest technologies push the limits of what is possible in print: we integrate 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi into our printed pieces to allow for two-way communication, remotely updatable content, and live analytics. We have embedded RFID, BLE, iBeacons, and NFC into custom form factors that transmit and receive data and fit into our clients' existing systems. We play with holograms, touch displays of every size, and a variety of phones and tablets simply because we can.


New technologies excite us. 

Finding ways to blend, hack, and create technologies into a solution that helps you generate impactful brand messaging is what drives us. This passion, persistence, and obsession has made us the go-to shop for the most unique, outrageous, and delightful solutions for today's global brands and agencies.


Let's work together to create something amazing.

Americhip's mission is to deliver solutions that engage audiences on a more intimate level. We design, develop, & manufacture innovative communications tools to empower global brands and agencies.
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