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The overwhelming access to digital media, anytime and anywhere, is changing advertising and marketing strategies for business everywhere. The exponential growth of content coupled with the continual increase in information accessibility has businesses scrambling to find new ways to gain consumer mindshare and extend reach. Agencies and brands need new and original ways to capture, educate, and influence their audience.

Americhip specializes in hybrid deliverables and specialty printing – marrying the analog experience of print with the new frontiers of digital technology. We believe that exceptional people deliver exceptional results. We have a diverse talent pool and resources, consisting of electronic and paper engineers, creative and industrial designers, production and logistics managers, and specialty printers.

We have been combining and cultivating print and digital experiences in unique ways since 2001. It’s our mission and focus to deliver solutions for our clients that engage their audiences on a more intimate level. Our expertise in the design and manufacturing of patented communications platforms are empowering advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies with innovative communications tools that engage, influence and elevate brand recall.

Why risk the chance that your brand deliverable will be flat and forgettable when your audience can be greeted by a video that pulls them right into the action, point-of-purchase displays that light up and play audio, or direct mail that literally speaks to them about your product.

Studies show that interacting with a brand on a sensory level will increase brand recall and mindshare exponentially. Americhip's marketing solutions deliver measurable and quantifiable results, significantly improving the media exposure quotient and top-of-mind recall.

Forward thinking brands work with Americhip when they need to create audience-stopping experiences across key touch points. All of our industry proven solutions are designed to get and hold your customers’ attention in the most compelling, impactful and intimate way – affording brands to educate, influence and persuade at an emotional level and elevate the human experience.

That’s the power of Americhip.

Let's work together to create something amazing.

Americhip's mission is to deliver solutions that engage audiences on a more intimate level. We design, develop, & manufacture innovative communications tools to empower global brands and agencies.
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