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5/2/2016 - 'Forbes' Features Print Ad With Video Player

4/27/2016 - Latest Forbes print magazine includes video

4/13/2016 - Ad of the Day from Adweek - Porsche Mag Insert with Americhip's LED Technology

1/26/2016 - Americhip's President, Kevin Clegg gives Keynote Address at the International Graphic Communication Week Banquet in San Luis Obispo CA

11/23/2015 - Creative Agency Representing Yoenis Cespedes Utilizes Video in Print Technology to showcase player highlights to Prospective MLB Team Execs

9/11/2015 - Time Inc.’s Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview Issue is Largest in Nine Years as a Result of Record-Breaking Advertising Pages

6/23/15 - Coca-Cola's Drinkable Straw makes "Shortlist" at Cannes Lions

6/18/2015 - TMZ: Lane Bryant Specialty Packaging with Video in Print

4/16/2015 - TubeFilter: Chevrolet Runs Video Ads In Print Versions Of Magazines. Seriously.

4/16/2015 - AutoNews: Chevy Runs Digital Video Ads in Print

4/16/2015 - AdAge: Chevy Promotes New Colorado with Video in Print Technology

4/3/2015 - SB Nation: The Rockets sent a hardcover book promoting James Harden for MVP

4/3/2015 - The Score: Rockets send media members video book pushing for Harden as MVP

4/3/2015 - News Ok: James Harden for MVP? Rockets making full-court press with video book

4/3/2015 - Black Sports Online: Rockets Send Out Video Campaign of James Harden for NBA MVP

11/21/2014 - VW WiFi Ad

11/21/2014 - AD CLUB LEADERS: Holiday Marketing

9/15/2014 - PM360 - 12 New Tools for Improved Adherence

7/28/2014 - Microsoft brings Wi-Fi to print magazines

7/24/2014 - Americhip and T-Mobile Partner for Mobile in Print

4/27/2014 - Americhip leads way on Cutting Edge In-Store Technologies

4/13/2014 - Q & A with Kevin Clegg, President of Americhip

4/6/2014 - CommArts Magazine: Microsoft Wi-Fi Hotspot

2/5/2014 - Running Magazine: A message from the future - the Brooks Transcend

1/31/2014 - Run Blogger: Brooks Transcend Video Ad in Runner’s World

1/27/2014 - New York Times: New Running Shoe Line Says, ‘Come Fly With Me’

1/16/14 - The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing to Millennials

1/13/14 - Tyrells: Americhip's Product Line in Latest Magazine

12/11/13 - Innovators: Video Slates Product Line

12/9/2013 - Las Vegas Weekly: Bonnie & Clyde Press Release - Now with Video!

9/18/2013 - A Brand New Outlook

6/19/2013 - Microsoft's Forbes Ad Grabs #1 Spot in 'Top 10 ideas from Marketing & Advertising over the last 12 months'

3/30/2013 - AdWeek: Microsoft Ad Turns Forbes Print Magazines Into T-Mobile WiFi Hotspots

3/25/2013 - Mashable: Microsoft Office Ad Turns 'Forbes' Magazines Into Wi-Fi Hotspots

3/23/2013 - Engadget: Magazine slips in a free T-Mobile WiFi hotspot, courtesy of Microsoft

2/28/2013 - Shopper Marketing Magazine: Playtex / Babies R Us Lighted Baby Bottle Displays

2/21/2013 - RSA Touchscreen Print Ad Sends Car Insurance Quote to Your Phone Instantly

1/17/2013 - 2012 Creative Media Awards Winner: CW's Live Twitter Feed in a Magazine

10/2/2012 - Mashable: There Really Is a Smartphone Inside 'EW Magazine'

9/30/2012 - Twitter: Users React to D&G VIP Insert in Marie Claire

9/28/2012 - Adweek: The CW Embeds a Live Twitter Feed Inside Its 'EW' Print Ad Follow along on a tiny LED screen

9/25/2012 - Engadget: Entertainment Weekly Features First Real Time Twitter Feed in Print

9/23/2012 - New York Times: Using Twitter to Promote the Fall TV Season

9/20/2012 - Luxe City Center Hotel Creates New Sensory Experience with Americhip's Studio Collection

9/17/12 - Influencia: 4.3" VIP Insert in Marie Claire UK October 2012 Makes Headlines

9/11/12 - MediaWeek: Marie Claire claims UK first with video ad in October issue

9/11/12 - Brand Republic: The First Ever Video Insert in the UK Hits the October Issue of Marie Claire 

9/10/12 - Brand Channel: P&G Brings Video to Print with Dolce & Gabbana 

6/19/12 - Cosmetics Design: Urban Decay's Interactive Packaging Gets Recognized as a Major Trend in 2012

3/8/12 - Americhip's New Pocket Player: Ad Copy in Your Hand, Pitchman in Your Ear

3/6/12 - Ten Predictions In Tech for 2012

3/1/12 - Video of Mio's New Magazine Insert Featuring Americhips Water Reveal Technology

2/28/12 - The Sounds of Divine Inspiration: Americhip's Magazine Ad for ABC's "GCB"

2/15/12 - New Adidas Point of Sale Display Makes Headlines in New Zealand 

10/3/11 - Los Angeles Business Journal: Small Video Screen Maker Pages New Customers

09/07/11 - Audio Insert Captures Glory of Michigan v. Notre Dame College Football Rivalry

08/25/11 - Americhip Secures Exclusive Patent for Video in Print

05/12/11 -CEA VIP Brochure wins 2011 Platinum PR Award

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