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"I was well informed of each stage, with very organized Americhip staff, and without the need to follow up to ensure the product was on schedule. Americhip reassured us from previous experiences that the VIP unit could withstand the mailing process, which it did. Regardless, they endured our testing of samples to ease our concerns.The VIP unit generated immediate interest from some of our clients and other advertisers in the finance industry, the VIP chip is quite durable to various mailing processes that we use." - Andrew Lim, Reed Business Production

"Video in Print was the perfect technology for CEA to deliver its message of innovation to the United States Congress. We were impressed with this unique new technology from CEA member company Americhip from the moment we saw it. The VIP mailer was a huge success, garnering much interest from Congress and the media. It was the perfect, innovative vehicle to highlight our innovation message. The fact that it was later honored with several marketing and public relations awards simply confirms how well suited our message and the VIP technology were for this campaign." - Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, CEA

"Overall the interactive demo unit has been an essential component of the success of our iComfort line.   Through a distinctive appearance and new-to-the-category functionality we have been able to attract the attention of sales associates and consumers and then clearly demonstrate the unique features and benefits of our Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam.  This has helped us far exceed initial expectations for retail placements and sales." - SVP Marketing, Serta International 

"Ah, it's amazing! It's been non-stop with wholesalers getting into offices that they never could before due to the VIP. It's one of the greatest marketing tools we've invested in." - VP of Marketing & Print Communications, Financial Services Company

"It's smart, it's different, it pops and we need more of that.'' - BBC News Interview

'The best sales piece I've seen in the field in the last 20 years'' - Vice President of Sales, Schering Plough

'' 'Life' was a huge, huge success for Discovery Channel – watched by over 33 million viewers." - Discovery Channel Production Manager

"Open the cover and – OMG! There's a tiny TV screen on which full color video and sound begin running automatically...This elaborate press kit is one of those jaw dropping moments we so rarely encounter...Who's not gonna watch?" - David Bianculli,

"Discovery, you have truly out done yourself with the 'Life' press kit. Incredible!" - TV Guide Magazine online editor

"Just got the press kit for @discovery's "Life." So awesome." - Ken Denmead,

"THAT press kit is one of the best press kits I've received. I've shown a bunch of folks in our office and they're all impressed by it." - Heather Russell, Good Day LA

"Coolest. Promo. Kit. Ever." - ZD Net

"Since we're always thirsty for the newest marketing innovation, we're thrilled to be unveiling the inaugural use of an interactive Video in Print technology in Entertainment Weekly's popular Fall TV preview issue. The best way to sample our terrific new programs is to see previews — and it's never been accomplished in a print ad... until now. Something that had never been done before.'' - George Schweitzer, President, CBS Marketing Group.

"The Supernatural insert is cool'' - Frosty, Heidi and Frank, 97.1FM

" We strongly recommend Americhip for any kind of unique marketing piece when you need to stand out and be noticed.'' - Rick Wilkes, marketing, Hollywood Reporter

''After receiving our musical envelope, customers are coming in oohing and aahing over the piece!'' - Lauren DeVincent, Director of Campaign Planning, Bloomingdales

''I'm impressed for several reasons. Pepsi Jazz is doing something that is very rare with Americhip– it's stimulating several senses. It has a memory value and a viral value." - Martin Lindstrom, Author of Times New York bestseller, BrandSense

"In the many years of looking at print advertising readership scores, no one currently working for Starch can remember ever seeing an ad that earned the 100% level for any three of the Starch measures. We believe that [Clairol] is the highest scoring ad that we have studied in the past 30 years, at least." - Philip W. Sawyer, Senior Vice President, Starch Communications, GfK NOP

"As a direct result of seeing the Aquafina Bubble insert, more than 3/4 of readers reported their interest in the Aquafina product had increased." - Deirdre Celestino, Research Manager, Starch Communications, GfK NOP

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