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Recent Work

video brochure

AMP Video Brochure

After a recent merger between AMP and AXA, the “new” AMP emerged as the largest specialist wealth management company in Australia.
In its new role, AMP needed an equally impressive marketing vehicle to announce itself as the newest and biggest and to spread its mission and motto of “helping people have a better tomorrow”.

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point of sale

Acuron Talking Weed Point of Sale Display

It’s a great attention-getting Instore Display that helps farmers and other agricultural consumers learn more about Acuron herbicide. Who says that fighting weeds can’t be fun and funny? With Americhip’s team of creative and tech experts, anything is possible.


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promo piece

ION Networks Promotional Insert

ION TELEVISION inserted a coffee cup brochure in AdAge Magazine. Now with Americhip’s Promotional merchandising expertise, ION had the promo piece that proved ION TELEVISION is “not your average cup of joe”.

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promo piece»

video binder

Hilton Video Binder

Hilton utilized the Video in Print binder to showcase its experience and history as a leading hotel operator around the globe.

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video binder»