Americhip: Zebra Technologies Lighted Business Dev Mailer


Zebra Technologies Lighted Business Dev Mailer

Zebra Technologies Lighted Business Dev Mailer

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When you’ve developed a unique solution that will help your customers’ businesses thrive, what B2B marketing tools are the most effective in breaking through and capturing the attention of key customer and prospects.


Engage your key targets with a Multisensory mailer from Americhip.  Zebra technologies had developed an innovative tracking software for utilities and manufacturing companies that gives their workers real-time visibility into key supply chain issues.  To help get that message out, Americhip partnered with Zebra to create a clever mailing brochure that opens through a center cut to reveal split pages identifying specific real-world challenges faced by every client like what materials are currently in stock, what components are already at the jobsite and how many unused items are being returned to inventory?  When the last spread opens a light bulb illuminates emphasizing Zebra’s tracking system as an innovative solution for common day to day operational challenges.

Make sure your marketing materials are creating stronger emotional bonds with your target audience by utilizing Americhip’s Multisensory technologies to engage through sight, sound, touch, scent and taste. 

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