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Progenity Tablets

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Progenity, a healthcare company specializing in genetic screening materials and equipment, needed a communications device for its sales team to ensure they delivered the complex medical information in a consistent and efficient manner to doctors and healthcare professionals.



For its initial campaign, Progenity chose our patented 7” uLearn Video Slate for its ease of use and ability to convey up to 45 minutes of key medical information, test results, product performance videos and customer testimonials. The client highlighted its key six training programs tied to our touch sensitive rubberized chapter buttons.

For the following campaign, the marketing team upgraded its offering to our Connected 10” Tablet with touchscreen interface.  This device serves as the perfect high-end training device for HCPs and patients alike.  Our engineers programmed a custom UI/UX that included 6 training videos, a customer sign in page and a WiFi registration page.  Progenity’s Reps brought the tablets into physicians’ offices all over the country, logged the units onto the WiFi system and then trained the HCPs how to share the communication devices with interested patients. 

After nine months, we pushed out new content onto all 1500 Connected Tablets.  In addition, Americhip developed the back-end portal which allowed the brand to track all of the user activity and gain key user insights.  


Signs of Sucess:

The Connected 10” Tablet  performed so well for the Progenity team that they re-ordered the units for 1200 additional Reps the following year.

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