Americhip: Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Deluxe Video Merchandise Box


Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Deluxe Video Merchandise Box


Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Deluxe Video Merchandise Box

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When you’re celebrating a major anniversary of the founding of your company, how do you make sure that your branded merchandise appropriately communicates the essence of your brand?


When you’re known as the happiest place on earth, you partner with Americhip to design and create a one-of-a-kind Deluxe Merchandise Box that highlights and celebrates everything Disney.  It starts with the size. We made it big to make sure everyone knows this is a monumental celebration.  The solid blue background is offset with a gold foil stamp on top of the newly created 50th Anniversary Disney Castle logo. We also included a matching gold applique on front that serves as the handle to open the box.  When opened, our 3-D custom pop up of the iconic Disney Castle snaps into place to welcome fans to this special treat.  Consumers then see a unique archival video clip from the park's opening celebrations which begins playing immediately on our proprietary 7” Video Screen.  Finally, as consumers flip over the video sleeve they find twenty different pieces of branded merchandise nestled into custom foam wells ranging from gold lapel pins to branded lanyards with lenticular Disney Badges to a replica license plate from 1971 when the park opened.

When you need to make a statement celebrating an important corporate milestone, partner with Americhip to create an amazing "Specialty Package + Branded Merchandise" solution that will thrill your employees, customers and fans.

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