Americhip: Zebra Video Tablet Brochure


Zebra Video Tablet Brochure

Zebra Video Tablet Brochure

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Zebra designs and produces high-end durable tablets for business use. To support the launch of their new ET50/ET55 tablet, the company wanted a marketing brochure that would communicate with the same sense of high-tech and forward thinking that defines their products and their company.


Americhip designed a large-size, video brochure with six spreads—plus front and back covers— that offered plenty of space to explain the product’s features, benefits, and support services.  Customers open the brochure’s cover to find our patented 4.3” VIP screen.  The high-tech communication solutions that only Americhip can offer make us the perfect marketing partner for a forward thinking company like Zebra. The brochure’s front page callout quote by a senior level manager—while referring to Zebra’s technology could have also been addressing Americhip’s Video Books, Video Brochures and Video Packaging:  “We’re talking about out-of-box integration with enterprise applications and solutions here—this is the future.”

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