Americhip: Nars New Product Mailer Kit


Nars New Product Mailer Kit

Nars New Product Mailer Kit

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In the ultracompetitive world of cosmetics, how do you grab attention from retailers and influencers when launching your new line?


Partner with Americhip to create a sleek and stunning New Product Mailer Kit that wows your audience.  Nars was introducing its new line of Super Radiant Booster and needed an economical solution that still impressed.  Americhip designed a soft touch, matte black, turned-edge box with an outsized “NARS” scrolled across the top in gold foil. When the hinged-lid opens, it reveals four new products housed in an iridescent field of gold foil. This smart and sophisticated kit delivered the new product with a huge wow factor without breaking the bank. 

Turn to Americhip to design an exquisite specialty package to launch your next product in style.

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