Americhip: Hill’s Pet 7” Patented Video Blade


Hill’s Pet 7” Patented Video Blade

Hill’s Pet 7” Patented Video Blade


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When you’re launching a new product that has unique benefits that distinguish it from the competition, how can you effectively communicate those key details to busy shoppers?


Americhip partnered with Hill’s Pet to support the launch of its new food line called Bioactive Recipe.  The brand had spent years developing this new formula and based the recipe on extensive scientific testing.  Americhip designed and produced a special oversized Video Blade that mounts directly to the shelf and extends 20” high—a large digital billboard that shoppers cannot miss as they walk down the aisle.  Interested shoppers then engaged with our 7” video screen to learn all of the critical scientific details supporting the new line.   Put Americhip’s patented Video Blade line to work to distinguish your brand from the competition and help educate your consumers about your product’s key features and benefits.

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