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Recent Work

video mailer

Avera McKennan Direct Mailer

Avera McKennan connects with benefactors using patented VIP technology from Americhip

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video book

Los Angeles Football Club Video Pop-Up Book and Custom Package

This exceptional Americhip Video and Pop-Up Book was the Los Angeles Football Club’s way of saying, “Join the conversation.” For this super high-end piece being sent to some of the biggest Fortune 1000 companies located in California, Americhip’s engineers designed a show-stopping  six-panel book designed with an elegant black matte finish.

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Pop-Up Brochure

Whirlpool 3D Pop-Up Brochure

The Whirlpool Pop-Up brochure was used both as print collateral as well as a point of purchase display that was displayed on the product itself in showrooms and was also handed out at trade shows to introduce the new Cabrio Series to consumers so that they can literally "Experience What's New".

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video brochure

Ogilvy & Mather Video Brochure

Ogilvy & Mather teaches executives how to be famous using Video in Print®

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