Americhip: Google Pixel 6 Dimensional Launch Box


Google Pixel 6 Dimensional Launch Box

Google Pixel 6 Dimensional Launch Box

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When you’re launching a new product in a highly competitive field, how can you be sure to impress and excite your retailers, influencers and media partners?


Partner with Americhip to produce a one-of-a-kind Launch Box Spectacular that will blow away your audience. Google was launching its new Pixel 6, a completely reimagined phone powered by Tensor, Google’s first ever processor. The campaign’s theme was “For All You Are.”  Partnering with Google and its agency, Americhip’s Paper Engineers designed a stylish box with a Super Pop-Up highlighting key elements in the busy lives of the targeted younger demographic.  Then, in the foreground of the pop up, we designed free-standing, dimensionalized letters spelling out the new brand name:  GOOGLE PIXEL 6 PRO.  Recipients lift up the Pop-Up base panel to reveal the new product below housed in custom wells.  Maintaining the core theme of its brand, Google was able to launch its new product with style and sophistication.

When you’re launching your new product, make sure you partner with Americhip on a Deluxe Specialty Launch Kit to wow your audience.

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