Athenahealth Video Book

Athenahealth Video Book

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Athenahealth was launching its new cloud based management program to help hospitals and their physicians replace financial risk with financial health. Capturing the attention of busy hospital administrators and physicians is especially challenging. Our client knew that it would be useless to send out pages of dense text that would never be read. The challenge was simple to understand: How do you communicate the features of your program in a way that is both engaging and attention grabbing?


Americhip and Athenahealth worked together to create an impressive marketing communication piece that included information on its leading practice management, electronic health record (EHR) and patient communication software services all-in-one easy to access VIP® brochure. The sleek 7” x 7” format incorporated Americhip’s 2.4” LCD screen and five chapter buttons. The video content was straight forward and engaging and allowed the recipients to quickly grasp the key information. In fact, Athena used its CEO, Jonathan Busy, to deliver his own message directly to the targeted audience.

Signs of Success:

Athenahealth received tremendous feedback on the Video in Print Book. The busy HCPs especially appreciated the immediate positive access to information our VIP® technology affords. No need to scan through pages, charts and tables. The recipient is engaged immediately by the information conveyed through images and audio. Given the strong results and ROI, Athenahealth produced a follow-up Video in Print™ campaign for a similar mailing piece two months later.

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