Americhip: Ally Lending Patented 5” Video Brochure


Ally Lending Patented 5” Video Brochure

Ally Lending Patented 5” Video Brochure

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What B2B marketing tool is the most effective when you have a long history in a variety of financial lending areas but are trying to break into a new sector?


Educate busy office managers and financial decision makers with a stylish and informative Video Mailer.  Americhip partnered with Ally Lending, a financial company with more than 100 years of lending history, and its ad agency to create a sleek and stylish 5” Video Brochure that outlines the key benefits and features of partnering with Ally—both for the clinic and for the patients.  The design of the 6” x 9” brochure includes iconic and whimsical medical imagery and opens to reveal our large 5” VIP screen which immediately begins playing the informative video file.  The brochure also incudes a usb port so the office manager can recharge the battery for use for a full year or more.  We also produced a rugged shipper box which highlights the Ally brand color and logo and also serves to protect the Video Brochure during transit and while in the office.

When you’re looking to break into a new sector be sure your customers and prospects have access to a patented Video Brochure, an innovative marketing communication piece that fully highlights your corporate strengths and advantages over the competition.

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