In-Office Patient Education - Video + Survey - Tech Level 3.0: Connected Smart Device

In-Office Patient Education - Video + Survey - Tech Level 3.0: Connected Smart Device

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A leading pharmaceutical brand struggled to educate patients regarding its procedure and the post-op recovery protocol. The brand’s previous efforts involving educating HCPs or mailing out brochures had failed to improve its performance in the eyes of its patients. The brand was challenged to find a better means of educating and communicating with its patients right in the doctor’s office.


Americhip created a connected, hand-held Video Slate that allowed patients to view two videos—a three minute MOA video which familiarized them with the procedure and a shorter video outlining the post-op treatment and protocol. Americhip’s Digital Content Team created a simple and direct UI/UX that allowed patients to quickly trigger the videos and navigate to critical content chapters.

In addition, Americhip designed an interactive Survey which allowed patients to give their feedback on the videos and upcoming procedure and allowed the pharma brand to capture real time analytics on their patients’ choices and preferences. The Video Slates were connected via Wi-Fi or cellular which allowed the brand to differentiate Survey results by state, from one office to another and even from different doctors’ patients within the same office. The Video Slates significantly improved the brand’s ability to communicate and educate with their patients at a critical point of contact and also provided valuable patient data.

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